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Flat World Partners’ team has an extensive investment backgrounds. Our careers draw from foundation, family office, asset management and fund experiences as well as having expertise across asset classes from early stage investments to public equities.

Our team serves as an extension to our clients’ investment teams. Our goal is to scale the amount of capital deployed into impact investments; we are your impact partner.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bridge the gap of impact and help drive more capital into impact investments.

Environmental stewardship, economic opportunity, and social diversity drive value for forward-looking, return-seeking investors in the 21st century.

It is at our core a strong belief that all investments have an impact.

Impact investments don’t operate in a commercial sphere separate from other types of investments, and other investments don’t operate in isolation from their impact. 

Our Vision

We believe that through high quality investment knowledge and execution impact portfolios don’t compromise on financial returns.

Our investment expertise comes out of traditional institutions overlaid with our drive for positive change. 
We seek out investments that come from unexpected places, executed by teams with unconventional mindsets.

Our impact expertise and expansive network give our clients differentiated portfolios.

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